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Healthy, real food recipes carefully formulated for your cat. Convenient delivery made easy for you.

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“My cats went completely ballistic for this stuff.”
“My kitty, Gus, gives it two paws up.”
“The Best Cat Food, According to Veterinarians”
“The perfect and healthiest foods for your cats”
“Smalls is on a mission to elevate cats and cat people.”


Tell us about your cat

From size and build to health goals and habits, every cat has unique nutritional needs.

Pick your recipes

Select your cat’s preferred foods and flavors. If you’re unsure, our expert cat nutritionists have made the process simple.

Try first. Commit later.

Within a week, a sampler box is shipped straight to your door. Try everything at home and give your cat a say.

Customize your Smalls

Once you know what your cat likes, you can make changes to your subscription with our on call Cat Concierge team. Skip deliveries or cancel anytime.

our approach

Cat health starts with you.

Cats need a lot more than tasty food. We believe decisions about their health starts with you—the cat parents and cat nutrition experts. Because of you, we listen more, we learn more, and we get closer to what cats actually need AND want.


first month fresh breath benefit
Fresher breath and a less smelly litter box.
When cats eat right, their poo is healthier! More of the nutrients are digestible and absorbed, so less junk comes out the other end.
second month fresh breath benefit
Shiny coat, fewer hairballs.
Your cat’s coat will improve with a balanced diet leading less shedding and fewer hairballs.
third month fresh breath benefit
More energy for fun and games.
High protein and improved hydration promote strong bones and toned muscles, so cats can dash, leap and chase (or not).
Monkey Butt

After trying so many different things and so many different doctors trying to resolve her stomach issues I am in shock! Thank you.

Hilary E.

Shiny Coat

I always knew he was meant to be a star, so I loved seeing his fur get so shiny. He’s also started drinking way less water.

Remy F.

Hello Kitty

So much more active and lively than before. Such a convenient option!

Elizabeth C.

Jack + Katie

I have to tell you how impressed I was by the packaging... being able to dissolve "styrofoam" is amazing!!!

Jennifer M.

Money Back Guarantee
Nervous your cat won’t like Smalls? Smalls is so tasty, we’ll refund you if your cats won’t eat it.