Toys and litter to make your kitty feel at home, engaged, and at ease.
Smalls Litter
Litter created for every cat’s need to bury their waste, to feel secure in their territory, and keep your home smelling fresh and clean.
Why do cats dig?

Cats’ natural digging and burying behaviours come from their instinct to hide their scent from predators and larger animals. Because of this, doing their business has evolved to be an important way cats mark their territory, establish dominance and hierarchies, and even release stress.

You might find your cat hides their business from you as an admission you’re the dominant “cat” in the house.

Cats First
Fragrance-free, loose enough to dig and comfortable underfoot, our two litter varieties provide your cat with options

Designed for Human Space
Both litter varieties are anti-tracking and virtually dust-free, scent absorptive, and easy to clean.
Environmentally Sensitive
Millet is a low-impact litter variety that is completely biodegradable without compromising effectiveness.

Our Team
  • Dr. Susan Lauten
    Auburn University, PhD Biomedical Sciences
American Association of Veterinary Nutritionists
  • Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado
    UC Berkley, PhD Psychology
    Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Cats & Dried Food
Power Crop

A drought tolerant grain, millet is a popular food source in places like Africa and Asia, but its cultivation has largely been abandoned in favor of developing more popular crops like maize, wheat, rice, and soybeans.

Not only can millet grow in about half the time of wheat (without pesticides), but is also requires 30 percent less water than corn, making millet litter the most earth-friendly natural cat litter possible.

A cat’s nose

Cats have from two to 40 times as many smell-receptor cells in their noses as humans. Scents that might seem light and pleasant to you can be overwhelmingly strong to them.

“ Cats prefer their litter to smell like nothing at all.

Not surprisingly, the science tells us cats prefer unscented litter. That doesn’t just mean added scents and scented deodorizers, it also applies to scents that might occur naturally in certain litters, such as pine.

Cats prefer their litter to smell like nothing at all. Silica crystal’s unique molecular structure makes it highly absorbent, soaking in moisture and trapping virtually all odor.

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