Dry Kills
The best crunch your kitty can get with low carb, high protein, all-natural ingredients drawn directly from our fresh food recipes. No filler. No fakery.
Why Dry?

When it comes to nutritional health, ultimately wet is best because it reflects a cat’s naturally hunted food source, but some cats just prefer a dry food, and sometimes dry food is a necessary convenience in our hectic human lives.

Cats First
Unlike other kibbles on the market, this is specially created for cat’s nutritional needs, that means low-carb, high protein, and no fillers.

Human Grade
Our Rare Dried Killz are made in a USDA facility, using only the best whole food ingredients to guarantee quality and safety.
Backed by Scientific Research
Our dry foods have been formulated in partnership with leading animal nutritionists and behaviorists to address your cat’s unique needs.

Rare Dried Kills
The ultimate in dry-food nutrition—human grade and easy to serve.
Rare Dried Chicken Kills Pate
Human-grade crunchy version of Fresh Chicken Killz.
Rare Dried Turkey Kills
Human-grade crunchy version of Fresh Turkey Killz.
Rare Dried Fish Kills
MSC Certified crunchy version of Fresh Fish Killz
How Human Grade is made
We’re changing the rules of the industry. It’s not about good cat food. It’s human food made for cats.
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    A credential from a school or a scientific journal
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Cats & Dried Food
Crunch addicts

Dry kibble was once a wartime invention of necessity and never designed for cats’ nutritional needs.

The idea was if you can’t feed a cat fresh or canned meat, a dried paste, sprayed with flavour and fat, would suffice. Conventional kibble is a bit like potato chips or sugary breakfast cereal for us humans.

“ Cats enjoyed the flavour, but it was wreaking havoc on their digestive systems

The original invention wasn’t meant to last. But it did. It turned out that a cheap paste covered in flavour was more profitable than real meat and the industry never really looked back.

Cats enjoyed the flavour, but it was wreaking havoc on their digestive systems. Cats are obligate carnivores, they need more moisture and whole nutrients, not kitty potato chips.

Cats Today

The reality today is humans are busier than ever. It’s no wonder conventional kibbles have stuck around.

The simple convenience of a dried food means people can leave a bowl of food out all day, or, let’s be honest, many days at a time, and their cats can eat when they please.

Dried Food as Play

One of the brilliant qualities of a dried food is that it lasts. It won’t make a smell and it can go anywhere in your home.

Using a dried food feeder puzzle, or hiding smaller bowls around your home for your cat to discover will satisfy their hunting instincts and keep them entertained for hours at a time.

We can help you build a balanced meal plan for your cat.
What customers & their cats say
I noticed a difference in my cat’s fur in 1 month! Y’all were right!?!?
Carl T, Dallas, TX
I love my cat. My cat loves this food. We’re doing great, thank you.
Simon W, Brooklyn, NY
My cat loves this food and runs to her bowl every night!
Samantha M, Austin, TX
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