Human-Grade Fresh
The closest thing to nature your cat can eat: fresh human-grade meat with a tiny bit of green veg, gently cooked to lock in nutrients and moisture.
Why Fresh?

Cats evolved to eat fresh, moist animal protein and almost nothing else. It’s how they are biologically programmed to consume the water they need and, in eating the vital organs of their prey, how they would get all the vegetable-based vitamins and nutrients they require to thrive.

Super-high in moisture with zero starches, our fresh recipe gets as close to a cat’s natural nutrition needs as possible.

Our Fresh recipes are made in a USDA human-grade facility using only the best whole ingredients...
Backed by Scientific Research
Our fresh foods have been formulated and tested in partnership with leading animal nutritionists and behaviorists to address cats’ unique dietary needs.

Human-Grade Fresh
Choose from a variety of taste-tested, flavors and textures.

How Human Grade is made

We’re changing the rules of the industry. It’s not about good cat food. It’s human food made for cats.
Our Team
  • Dr. Susan Lauten
    Auburn University, PhD Biomedical Sciences
American Association of Veterinary Nutritionists
  • Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado
    UC Berkley, PhD Psychology
    Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist

Cats & Dried Food

The Agrarian Hunter

Cats evolved to live alongside humans with the advent of farming, grain-stores, and the abundant mouse population that came with them.

Small, wild cats found safety and convenience at the readily available rodent populations of early agrarian settlements, and this was what they lived on for thousands of years, only occasionally stealing scraps off dinner plates and eggs from the henhouse.

Obligate Carnivores

It was only in the last century that cats came to eat the diets people often associate with domesticated kitties: commercial kibble, water bowls, and even dairy milk - none of which is ideal for feline health.

If it were up to your cat, chances are she would say her ideal diet is fresh mouse, bird, or lizard. Cats are obligate carnivores: they evolved to eat exclusively animal protein and the partly-digested veggies found in the stomachs of their prey. They just don’t digest starches. While the odd bit of carbohydrate won’t hurt your cat, it won’t help.

Renal Health

While cats today can be found drinking from toilets, water-bowls and ponds, a cat in the wild on a diet of fresh meat will get all the moisture she needs from her prey.

Unfortunately, a modern diet of low-quality kibble means cats often don’t consume nearly enough water resulting in chronic renal problems, and in many cases, shortened life-spans. A regular diet of fresh, wet food is the best way to prevent a cat’s chronic or cosmetic health problems. Contrary to popular belief, wet food is definitely NOT a treat.

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What customers & their cats say
One of my cats has kidney disease. He's doing AMAZING on this food.
Molly, Dublin, OH
I can't even begin to tell you all the positive changes I've seen in my cat! Weight loss, better attitude, improved coat, completely lost interest in treats!
Jiji, North Palm Beach, FL
So much more active and lively than before. Such a conventient option!
Elizabeth, Pueblo, CO
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